Howell, Michigan

Private Lessons

Private and Semi-Private/Group Lessons

Team environments have their strengths and advantages, but private lessons are the best way to elevate your skills and understanding of the sport of volleyball.  One-on-one instruction allows the coach to focus on every aspect of your skill, movement and execution.  Attention and  instruction is specifically geared towards exactly what your game needs.  The best athletes and volleyball players all have private coaches for additional skill repetition, instruction and training.  You select the skills.  Several coaches are available for instruction.


Private Lessons: Top Gun Members: $40.00/30min or $55.00/45min;

All others $45/30min or $60.00/45min.


Semi-Private Lessons:  Groups of 2 Top Gun Members $30.00/30m or $45.00/45m per athlete.  All others $40.00/30m or $50.00/45m per athlete.  Pair is arranged by the athletes.

Groups of 3 or more: Available upon request.  Contact Mora at (310)721-4594.


For more information or to schedule a lesson, contact Mora at (310)721-4594.  Scheduling will be first come, first served.  Please reserve three days in advance.  Payment is due at the time of the lesson.  Cancellation fees may apply.  Adults welcome, too!

Please contact Mora at [email protected] or (310) 721-4594 to schedule a lesson today!